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Based in CAIRNS we service from Cardwell to Thursday Island!

Barrier Reef Leisure Pools (QBCC 1086928) has been installing Fibreglass Pools in and arround Cairns since 2002. We have installed over 700 pools in that time. Click our MAP for places we have installed pools or Pool Shapes for our range of pools including prices! In 2011 we introducted the Leisure Pools range of pools and are now trading as Barrier Reef Leisure Pools.

Discover the benefits of a fibreglass pool by Barrier Reef Leisure Pools today!

Fibreglass Pools are build to last! They now come with a massive LIFETIME warranty and still are the lowest maintenance pools on the market. Our pools are build using the latest Vinyl Ester Resins for ALL layers of the pool, ensuring longevity of your new fibreglass pool! They are chemically neutral which means you use fewer chemicals to balance your water keeping it clear & healthy. Installation of a fibreglass pool takes considerably less time than a concrete pool and can be fully installed in arround 2 weeks (weather permitting)

Check out our optional Freshwater Pool setup!

If you are looking for an effective healthy alternative to chlorine or salt in your pool, here it is: the Enviroswim ES3: a revolutionary breakthrough in swimming pool water treatment. Developed right here in Australia, this is a 21st century solution to an age-old problem: how to maintain healthy, pure water without the use of hazardous chemicals. Find out more.....


Its whats included in the price that counts!

All our packages include our eco 3-speed pump, 400 x 400 series bullnose coping and a Lifetime Warranty!!


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NEW: Barrier Reef Leisure Pools is now also the Far NQ distributor for ALLCAST PRECAST Plunge Pools! Fully complete, ready to swim, concrete plunge pools, delivered to site or installed! From backyard to courtyard to rooftop we have you covered. Swim all day or turn your pool into the ultimate day spa with a flick of a switch. Our luxurious plunge pools range in sizes from 2.5 metres diameter to 3.48 metres. Play, soak or exercise in a depth from 1.43 metres to 1.83 metres deep !!! We even have a rectangle plunge pool, 2.48m x 4.8m long. This one is 1.6m deep. Fully tiled with a range of mosaic tiles our preformed concrete pools add a real wow factor to any garden with the benefit of year round fun! As our pools are fully factory built you can have them installed in two days ready for your finishing touches or to plunge in for a swim. Fully engineered to be freestanding the placement of our pools is only limited by your imagination. The compact size of the pools makes heating and running a breeze and cuts running costs to a minimum. So take a plunge and enjoy our pools 365 days of the year!
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Why Fibreglass?

There are many advantages to choose Australia's number one choice of swimming pool!


Interested in saving $$$ with a DIY install?

See our Shell prices, installation guide and accurate pool dimensions for your DIY project! Save $$$ now.


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Nothing shows off a Barrier Reef Leisure Pool like some nice photos.


Now with a massive LIFETIME Structural and Osmosis warranty!

Your new Barrier Reef Leisure Pool automatically comes with a masssive Lifetime structural and Lifetime Osmosis warranty!

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